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Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

I'm just going to start off by saying that I'm still very new to makeup and I know I still have a lot of room for improvement. So if you have any tips/comments for me, don't hesitate to post them! We're all going to learn and enjoy makeup together here :)

I'm going to have step by step instructions with pictures for you guys! And I apologize in advance for the lighting!! I am dog sitting at a friend's house and have limited supplies for good pictures!

Let's get started!!

Step 1: Be sure to have your face toned, moisturized, and primed! I do not mess around with moisturizer this time of year, it's so important. Extra points if you can find a moisturizing primer and a sassy shirt like mine.

I used Clinique Clarifying Lotion #2, Clinique Moisture Surge, and Clinique Universal Superprimer.

Step 2: I'm using Clinique's Even Better Makeup Foundation on my face in the shade "flax". I never really used foundation until I found Clinique's foundation, it's moisturizing, super lightweight, and matches my skin super well. I'm also using a eyebrow spoolie to brush out any foundation from my eyebrows and make them look a bit more put together. I don't usually do much to my eyebrows, but if you like to make your brows look fuller then by all means go for it!

Step 3: Im using Tarte Shape Tape Concealer under my eyes and over some blemishes

Step 4: Now we're going to get into the eyeshadow. For this entire look I'll be using Jeffree Star's amazing Blood Sugar palette.

So first I used shade Glucose on the inner corners of my eyes. Second, I used Extraction on my crease. Its pretty messy right now, but that's okay we're about to blend it out.

I started to blend out that color in my crease with the shade Tongue Pop. I blended upwards and around to spread the crease color out a bit more evenly

Here, I added the shade Intravenous by the corner of my lids and blended it inwards toward my lid

On my lid, I added the shade Blood Sugar and also a little more of the Glucose color on my inner corners and blended them together. On top of these I added the shade Sugarcane so they blend together a bit better.

Lastly, I used the shade Sweetener, a highlighting shade, on the inner corners of my eyes and right under my eyebrows. I also overall just blended everything together a little more. (Again, I apologize for the lighting!)

Step 5: Here's a fun step, I piled on a bit of Elf's HD Powder under my eyes. Its a bit caked! But, we will wipe this away later. (It's hard to see because of the lighting, but it's definitely there!)

Step 6: Clearly I can improve on my eyeliner, I tried my best here!

After the eyeliner, I used Kat Von D's Dagger eyeliner, I put on some Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

Not shown here but I did brush off my powder after this as well :)

Step 7: We can see here the liner is still a little rough, but I added a little bronzer using the "3" method.

Meaning I put it on my forehead pretty close to my hairline, followed it down under my cheekbone, and finishing it under my jawline blending it out on my neck.

For this bronzer I used Too Faced Blushing Bronzer in the shade Pink Leopard.

Step 8: I added a bit of highlighter mostly above my bronzer.

Don't forget a little bit on the tip of your nose!

The highlighter I used is Jeffree Star's Supreme Frost in the shade Frozen Peach.

I really love this color, it's not a very intense highlight and works perfectly for this look, I wish it came up on my iPhone camera a bit better!!

((I forgot to include a specific photo here, but I did add a little pop of color under my waterline on the outer corner of my eye in the shade Fresh Meat from the Blood Sugar palette))

Step 9: I roughly lined my lips with Jeffree Star's Lip Liner in the shade Unicorn Blood. I did this to add a pop of red under my lipstick. (I personally did not want to wear an intense lip color with this eye look, but I still wanted it to have a hint of red for Valentine's Day!)

So, on top of the liner I have Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Mannequin (one of my favorites!)

**Tip, If you don't want your lips to stay matte for this look, you can add Elf's clear lip lacquer

(only $2!) Which is what I did and you guys will see in the final picture!

Thank you for checking out my very first tutorial and being patient with me through my less than amateur makeup skills and poor lighting!!

XOXO -Lily

Happy Valentine's Day 2019 <3

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