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These are a few of our favorite (skin care) things...

If i'm being honest I've never been one to follow a skin care 'routine', I have products I like and whenever I remember to, I use them. The thing that is hard for me is finding things that I LOVE and want to use everyday (I've only found a handful of these things in my life). Basically if I do not notice a significant difference with 1-3 uses then I get bored and move on to something else. I never understood the people that would try a product for weeks or even months ( I am aware that with some products you need to) but these products are not for me sorry! This being said just know that if I recommend something for skin or hair care I noticed a huge difference right away. At the request of some of our instagram followers we have compiled a list of what we are loving and using now in our skin care routines. I have linked the products in this post so it will be easily accessible for all. We will absolutely keep you guys up to date on our instagram page if we find anything new or change anything...so keep your eyes peeled; but for now here you go!

Sarah (Me)

I will start with the product that I can NOT live without, my moisturizer; Dermatalogica skin smoothing cream. This is a pricier item and I absolutely bought the smallest size to see if I would like it before i splurged on the larger size. After the first use I could not believe how soft my skin felt, seriously after 1 use! I use this product on clean skin twice a day...Ahhhh-mazing. (click pictures for links)

Next is my makeup remover; #cliniquetakethedayoff. Now I still use the makeup wipes from time to time, mostly on days that im especially lazy (#truth) but I love the way this product makes my skin feel and it takes off my waterproof mascara without having to rub and pull on my eye lashes (#postpartumhairloss is real people). I also bought the trial size of this product to see if I loved it (love me some #trialsizes).

My obsession with exfoliation is real. I have about 9 different exfoliators that I am using right now, #dontjudge. The more exfoliating the better in my book but it's also important that it doesn't make my skin super dry afterwards! If I told you I had found an exfoliator that was better than the rest and I couldn't live without, i'd be lying to you (#notmystyle). Truth is, I like variety and I like to try different ones, hence the trial size of the #Exfolikate that I showed in my instagram story. I do however, have some favorites that when I don't have any trial sizes to try I always use. One of them is the Formula 10.0.6 brand, they have several masks and exfoliators that I love. The other (the one featured in the picture) is #No7totalrenewal. This product always leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft.

Lastly, for my eyes I love to use Vitamin C oil. Like you saw in my stories I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes. I have tried every cream, oil, concealer, foundation, highlighter and combination of the aforementioned with no avail. Unfortunately my dark circles will really only go away (and not fully) with filler; which I am not brave enough for yet. So if any of you out there can relate or even if you can't this oil is great under your eyes and all over your skin. There are many different brands out there which are all the same. I have linked one on amazon which is eligible for #amazonprime 2 day shipping!


Getting all that makeup off has never been so easy. These Neutrogena makeup remover wipes are so versatile and come in a sensitive skin formula as well as other varieties; basically there is one for everyone! These are also great to travel with. After a long plan or car ride you can just wipe your face down and feel refreshed; you don't even need water!

Next cleanse with #Origins checks and balances face wash. This face wash is great for all skin types!

A little #pearlessence coconut face oil for these cold and dryyyyy winter months in #NewEngland... your skin will thank you. Side note, I love all things coconut.

Last moisturize! Brooke loves this target brand illuminating daily moisturizer but honestly any great moisturizer will do. During the day wearing one containing SPF is key to maintaining skin health.


First, along the same lines as Brookes routine, Lily uses the #Botanicals brand Tea Tree makeup wipes to remove any makeup from the day followed by this #garnier micellar cleansing water. Like the makeup remover wipes Garnier has different types of micellar water depending on your skin type.

After cleansing its time to moisturize. Lily raves about the #clinique moisture surge lotion. Her face has broken out with a lot of other lotions but this one is the perfect balance and keeps her skin hydrated and soft.

This #MarioBadescu camomile eye cream is perfect for the delicate skin around your eyes and the soothing feeling from the camomile is a nice touch at bedtime.

Last but not least in all of our routines is our #Laneige lip sleeping mask. We have been trying this product for a couple of weeks now and I personally love the way it makes my lips feel. My lips are so dry this time of year so I need all the help I can get. Review on this product soon to come!

Thanks for reading! Nighty night!

Sist3rs.RI xxoo

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