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Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes

Recently, Marie Kondo has been taking over everyones Mondays on instagram. I definitely took advantage of this and did some much needed organizing (and purging) in my own home. When I asked our instagram following what they needed tips on, shoes was the overwhelming winner. I find that this is such a popular category to organize and If I'm being honest I often struggle with it too! I have tried several different ways to rearrange and store my shoes and the biggest determination of what works is how much space you have. My sisters and I are going to show you how each of us store our shoes and we have complied a couple of different ideas as well to help if you are feeling stuck.

I used #amazon, #walmart, #wayfair and #thecontainerstore to find multiple different options for you guys. To be completely honest The Container store can be quite pricey for me so I tend to go there or browse the website for inspiration and wait for their sales #truth. As always I will not endorse something that I have not tried or do not like however in the interest of providing you with other options I have listed some things that come with great reviews and it will be your choice whether or not to try. Me and my sisters will always tell you first hand what think of the products that we use (good or bad). Obviously it is our opinions but just know we are very #honest. Hopefully you find at least some #inspiration to re-organize your shoes from this post.

As you may know, my living situation is less than ideal right now so space is minimal. When i decided on doing this post I took full advantage of researching and finding the right solution for my space. Pictured is my new shelf. I utilized baskets that I already had to add some color and to store flip flops, sandals and flats. In the larger spaces where my boots are you could also use a basket and store smaller shoes in that as well. Due to my lack of space I also utilized the top for my jewelry!

The clear plastic containers are a popular option and I have tried several varieties of these in he past. My biggest issue is that I like to be able to see what I have available and it is very hard to do that with this option. The PRO’s of this option are that they do keep your shoes in good condition, free from dust if you do not wear them often and they keep them very neat. It would be nice for seasonal shoes as a way to keep them in good condition while storing them away. I think this would be a great option for people who have a little more room to store shoes and that don’t mind if you can visually see what you have. Here are some links for options. I have always found mine at Walmart for very reasonable prices.

Amazon option 1

Amazon option 2

Walmart option

Another way to store shoes and in my opinion the best, is displayed in the cube storage shelf. They actually have ones made specifically for shoes but you can really use anything you have available!

This is a great DIY project for a cute pice you find at a yard sale! Pictured below is Brooke's closet, she used an old bookshelf and painted it white to display some of her shoes! #DIY #shoestorage #organization

The boots at the top have these great blow up inserts in them so that they look great on display and it also helps to keep them in good condition! Click here for a similar product (boot shapers)

The nice thing about this option is that they have all different sizes available, most are stackable and you are able to utilize baskets or the fabric storage cubes for things like flip flops, sandals or even your socks so it stays looking neat! #smallspaces #closethack #noclosetspace #homegoods

Here are several options for this type of storage but like Brooke, you can get creative with an old bookcase or pice of furniture from an antique shop or yard sale too! #custom

Amazon option 1

Amazon option 2

Amazon option 3

Walmart 1

Walmart 2

Walmart 3

SALE! on Wayfair

Do you have a lot of wall space? I saw this unique way to store shoes from one of my favorite bloggers, @thedowntownaly. Check out her stories (she is hilarious and creative and her home is gorgeous) she also has a highlight about her closet saved and you should check that out as well!

These wall racks are a great idea to utilize an empty wall for storage. These would be a great option for smaller closets so you can use all available space.

AMAZON option 1

AMAZON option 2

Another great option for small spaces (like Lily's dorm room) is utilizing under the bed storage! Its a great way to store things without cluttering a small space and without taking up much needed closet space! I prefer to use these for things that I don’t use as often such as seasonal shoes or sweaters. The option lily uses in the picture is not as durable as some of the larger plastic bins but it does the trick for her small space.

Soft under bed storage - Amazon

Hard under bed storage - Walmart

My biggest (and best) tip for small spaces is to use the back of your door for storage! I use mine for other things (I can show you that later) but using something like this over the door shoe organizer is a great option to save some closet space! I have tried the fabric over the door or hanging shoe organizers and do not recommend them! They often lose their shape and some of my shoes didn’t fit well in them. This option looks more sturdy and from the pictures and reviews seems to be able to accommodate all different types of shoes. I have not tried this so I can not give first hand advice but it looks like it could be a good option. Here are some examples.

Amazon Option 1

Amazon Option 2

Wayfair Option

I know I gave a lot of options for small spaces #gypsylife, but If you have a little more room these racks may be a good option for you! I know a lot of people who find these open racks helpful for their larger closets. I have tried a few different types of these and for me they never work because I find that I can’t keep it neat this way (what can I say Im human). For people that are naturally neat and do not have a lot of shoes this may be a good option.



Love this from Wayfair!

Well there you go! I hope you all found some great options for your space or at least inspiration! If you guys re-do your shoe organization take a picture and tag us on Instagram so we can see @sist3rs.ri !

Happy Organizing!

Sarah xxoo


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