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Makeup Primer 101

Primers are great to use on a humid day, for a night out, or even for just an every day make up look.

It keeps your makeup in place and allows it to go on smoother and last longer. Aside from that I personally feel like primer lessens the look of my pores as well.

There are a ton of great primers out there for all skin types, but when it comes down to effectiveness and price my go to is the Clinique Universal Superprimer. This is a great primer for a day look because it has spf in it.

ULTA $29.00

BUT keep in mind that when you’re going out at night, taking pictures with flash, products with spf is what gives you the dreaded “flashback”. Flashback is the pale white face we might be guilty of having a picture or two of ourselves with or we may have made a rude comment about a girl we’ve seen in a picture: “she didn’t match her foundation correctly or her powder is tooooo much”.

James Charles in his ICONIC "Flashback Mary" Moment.

Just keep this in mind when wearing specific primers or any makeup for that matter!

James Charles is an idol of mine and we all make mistakes! But this photo I've put to the left is a great example of what can happen when

-Your foundation is too light

-You have too much setting powder

-AND/OR your face makeup includes SPF which is great at protecting your face because white colors reflect light!

Clinique is a great brand for me because of I have sensitive and dry skin. Their primer is super moisturizing and not too heavy. It does the job and makes my skin feel so smooth.

SEPHORA $32.00

the Benefit Porefessional primer is one I used to use more often if I was going out at night but it’s not something I would suggest using every day because it’s very heavy on the skin. Aside from that it’s pretty pricey, and compared to other brands, not necessarily worth it. Since then I have found other primers that work better for me.

SEPHORA $18.00

A tier down is the NoPoreblem Touch in Sol primer. Not a bad price but a pretty great primer (and no spf so perfect for night looks).

And better yet another tier down for only

$8.00. Elf’s poreless putty primer makes a great night look face primer and a perfect price if you’re not familiar with primers and want to test one out! It does the job well and surprisingly glides on to the skin and feels lighter and smoother than other pricier brands. This product was even reviewed greatly by the very honest Jeffree Star. If you don't believe my review check his out!

ULTA $8.00

In my personal (and amateur) opinion, primer isn’t even a totally necessary step in a makeup routine if you aren’t a fan. If you feel like primer makes your skin feel clogged or makes your makeup look cakey, you may not have the right one. BUT you could just forget it overall. I’d suggest using a moisturizer instead of primer if this is the way you’re heading. It all depends on your skin type, some are more prone to having their makeup come off easier than others throughout the day (or night out). However, Primer is used specifically to make your makeup stay in place but if you’re doing a simple day look it’s not exactly necessary in my opinion (If there is SPF it is a good way to add extra protection from the sun though). If you have fallen victim to having your makeup melt off during a summer date night or a day out on the town with friends, primer may be your savior.

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