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Laneige Lip Mask Review

So I initially heard about this lip mask from one of my favorite bloggers; I had never used a lip mask before and she raved about how soft her lips were so I obviously had to try it. I first bought the larger vanilla scented one and used that for a couple of days… I was blown away by the results (I'm not kidding, I was asking people at work to feel my lips; kind of gross in hindsight but whatever). After such dramatic results I knew I wanted to write a post and have my sisters input so i bought a bundle of them on amazon in the berry scent and handed them out. I tried this scent as well so that we all had the same product and so I could make sure the results were the same among all of them ( I do prefer the vanilla one just a scent preference).

I will say that you will notice the best results if your lips are super dry. I not only use mine as an overnight lip mask but also I use it throughout the day on some days (mostly when I'm working) as a chapstick. Like Brooke, I work in hospitals and often do not drink enough water (nurses don’t have time to pee) so my lips are often very dry especially in the wintertime and this product really worked for me. My lips were so soft and it actually got rid of those hard chapped pieces that sometimes form (sounds sexy I know, but I know you know what I'm talking about!).

To use you slather a ton of product on your lips before bed and go to sleep, in the morning I just rubbed the remainder into my lips (it says to wipe it off but I'm not really a rule follower #rebel). Overall I give this product an 8/10 and therefore highly recommend. I think whether you just use it at night or choose to use it as a lip balm throughout the day you will not be disappointed in the results…your lips will thank you *wink.

Brooke's review

When Sarah told me she used this lip sleeping mask that made her lips feel like a babies bum, she had my interest. I don’t know if it’s a combination of working in the hospital where the air is super dry or the weather but my lips take a beating in the winter. I’ve never used a lip mask before so I really can’t compare it to anything. I’ve done some exfoliating lip treatments but it doesn’t compare to this. I have to say I was impressed with the results. It goes on like butter, it kind of reminds me of Vaseline (a better scent though) I used the berry. I apply a decent amount to my lips at night and when you wake up in the morning it feels almost the same as it does when you put it on before bed. The directions say to wipe it off but I kind of just rub it in to keep my lips nice and moisturized for the day.(<--- definitely my sister #sheisarebeltoo)

You could probably use it as a chap stick. It really makes your lips feel so smooth. It’s not something that I use every night but I just keep it on my night stand and try to remember to put it on.

Lily's Review

I’m not really sure why, but to be totally transparent, I wanted to hate the laneige lip sleeping mask. I felt like this was just going to be a tub of Vaseline that was sold for a ridiculous price at #Sephora. I even had an overnight lip mask from Burt’s bees that I got for $8.99 at ulta. I wanted to compare these two overnight lip masks and in my head initially I wanted to prove why you should buy Burt’s bees instead of laneige. However, after reading and comparing the ingredients list for both products and using each for at least a few weeks separately they are so different. The laneige lip mask actually worked extremely well, it was perfect for winter and I’m prone to terribly chapped lips. The ingredients differed so much it was clear to me that laneige was clearly the step up. I did use the Burt’s bees as well and I found that my lips were dry in the morning. The Burt’s bees overnight lip mask however, is a great regular lip balm to use throughout the day with a little extra umpf, and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a better quality chapstick. But if you’re looking for a great quality overnight lip mask, laneige does the trick.

The consensus is, BUY IT! Overall, we all like the Laneige lip mask and will continue to use (especially when our lips are in rough shape). I hope you all enjoy the product if you decide to try it...keep an eye out on our instagram page for a giveaway!

XO Sist3rs.RI

Sarah, Brooke and Lily


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