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Hi Everyone, I'm Brooke! For the record I know nothing about blogging, but i'm going to give this a shot. My sister, Sarah came up with this crazy idea and i'm always down to try something new.

To start off, i'm a respiratory ICU nurse #nurselife #ICUnurselife, Im a dog mom of two #dogmom and an auntie #auntielife. I love my job but it can be very demanding physically and mentally so on my days off I love to unwind.

One of my favorite things to do is anything DIY, especially home decor. I moved in with my boyfriend about a year ago. When I moved in the walls were pretty much bare and vodka bottles were used as decorations lol your typical bachelor pad. It's safe to say that I've been making this house into a home. We have many upcoming projects that i'm excited to share with you guys!

I love hosting and entertaining! If you want to know how to plan a party in a pinch and on a budget then I'm your girl, ask any of my friends.

I also enjoy fitness, food, a nice glass of red wine and the outdoors. I'm always on the go...zipping around, browsing home goods or hanging out with friends!

I hope you all can find something to relate to in our blog. Sarah, Lily and I are excited to share our unique perspectives.

<3 Brooke


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